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Where to Find the Best Mocktails in L.A.

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What’s a sober person got to do to get a drink around here?

You don’t need alcohol to have fun, but it can be difficult beating the alcohol cravings when you can’t find a good alternative. Los Angeles hasn’t hopped onto the dry bar trend just yet, but there are still places that offer great non-alcoholic beverages that any adult would enjoy. Finding them in a city as big as L.A. might be a pain though, which is why we did it for you. 

If you’re sober living, or maybe just don’t feel like having a drink but also want to enjoy yourself in multiple settings, here are some of the best places to find mocktails in L.A. 


With a Meal 

Olivetta – West Hollywood 

Perfect for when you want fine dining with a selection of mocktails. Located on Restaurant Row, this coastal European restaurant has a specialty non-alcoholic menu curated by award-winning mixologist Melina Meza. 

You can go for a classic cucumber + mint SeedLip Garden mocktail, or venture for more unique flavor pairings such as their passionfruit + salted plum Ghia n/a aperitif mocktail. 

Whatever you choose, their selection is sure to please any palate. 

Love & Salt – Manhattan Beach 

“Italian-inspired with Southern California soul”. Enjoy your dinner (or brunch!) a few steps away from the Manhattan Beach pier with a refreshing mocktail on the side. On their Alcohol-Free menu, you can find Health-Ade kombucha staples or their Fraise Lavande mocktail, a strawberry mint drink mixed with a lavender ginger syrup. 

Ardor – West Hollywood 

Located in luxury boutique hotel EDITION, Ardor boasts a hyper-locally sourced, vegetable-forward contemporary menu. Their non-alcoholic cocktails reflect the restaurant’s international influences, with mocktails including flavors such as yuzu or Calpico. Whether you prefer their elegant indoor seating or their outdoor patio lush with greenery, Ardor is sure to be a date night hit. 

Cassia – Santa Monica 

If you’re looking to pair your mocktail with vibrant Southeast Asian flavors, look no further than Cassia. With choices like Vietnamese “sunbathing” prawns and spicy minced duck dan dan noodles available, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to try before they even bring out their non-alcoholic drink menu. 

Their mocktails include a lemongrass fizzy Jalisco 55 drink along with a chamomile spiritless Kentucky 74 sour. They even have an NA IPA and golden ale for the beer lovers out there. But if you’re looking for a change of pace, their looseleaf teas are to die for. Brewed in a teapot, their flavors range from sencha, congou, lychee, and mint. 

Norah – West Hollywood 

This electric American restaurant has two lush open-air patios and an intimate dining room where you can have a chic dinner or a tasteful brunch. Vegans are welcome here, with expansive menus for dinner and brunch time. 

Their non-alcoholic options include different types of coffee and sodas, but their tea drinks are carefully crafted just like a cocktail. A great choice would be their Days of Heaven drink, which is an herbal tea with rhubarb, lemon verbena, and chamomile. If you’re craving a true spiritless cocktail though, their Spice is a SeedLip-based ginger, lemon, and vanilla mocktail. 

For a Night Out 

Apotheke – Chinatown 

This fancy cocktail lounge is based near Chinatown and has an extensive alcohol-free tonic menu. Their spirit-free tonics are handcrafted for wellness and taste, listed under categories like Golden Health, Anti-Anxiety, Antioxidant, and Mental Vitality. You’ll see familiar flavors like lavender and ginger alongside more unconventional ingredients such as maqui berry or rainbow peppercorn. Either way, you’re sure to be feeling great the morning after. 

Magnolia House – Pasadena 

This craft cocktail house has a century long history, from being a family home, to a post-prohibition era liquor store, to a laundry list of business establishments. The little craftsman’s home is now a hideaway for those looking for small plates and cocktails – and luckily mocktails too. Their cheekily named Almost Cocktails menu uses zero-proof spirits to make drinks like Matcha Made in Heaven (a fruity cinnamon-steeped matcha mocktail) and Clover Club (fruity, with a touch of orange blossom and aquafaba). 

Harvard & Stone – Hollywood 

This rowdy Los Feliz bar has live music and a delightful cocktail menu littered with asterisks. Why? Because the drinks with stars can be made booze-free! Made with SeedLip Distilled Spirit, try out their greatest hits Baby’s First Bourbon and Honeydew Collins. 

Riviera 31 at Sofitel – Beverly Hills 

You might spot a celebrity while sipping your virgin cocktail at this star favorite. Located in Sofitel Los Angeles, this bar lounge has a calendar stacked with events featuring live entertainment. Made with SeedLip spirit, give their tart and fruity Bramble a try while you party at their hotel. 

LAOP, the new bar sober options

For When You Want to Stay Home 


Skip the hangover and go straight to enjoying this Bloody Mary. Their Bloody Mary’s are so good that they decided to bottle them up so anyone could try them. Their Middlebar Mary is the world’s first, and arguably the best, Bloody Mary Mocktail. You can find their brand in shops like Albertsons or Total Wine & More. 

The New Bar – Venice  

If you’re looking to stay on the west side, The New Bar has an expansive selection of non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits. Although it’s not an actual bar where you can sit and have a drink, they do offer tastings and a cute outdoor patio so you can still feel all the ~vibes~. The New Bar in Venice is the perfect spot to hit before sunset on the beach or dinner at a friend’s house – not to mention it would make a thoughtful host gift.  

Boisson – Studio City, Brentwood

For those looking for dry bottle shops in Studio City or Brentwood, Boisson’s got you covered. Their website is inclusive and vast, with curated collections like Female-Led and Halal-Certified. They also have a section of non-alcoholic drinks made with adaptogens, for those who want the extra health benefits of herbs, botanicals, and mushrooms. 


Remember that it’s okay to not feel like having a drink, it’s okay to need a break from drinking, and not drinking cocktails can still be fun!  

If you think that alcohol might be affecting other aspects of your life such as your mental health, the Los Angeles Outpatient Center is here to help. For more information regarding our treatment programs reach out to our admissions team today.